thinktecture identitymodel 4.5

Helper library for claims-based identity, access control and token based authentication for .NET 4.5, MVC, WCF and Web API.

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Some low level helpers that are useful when you are building your own security plumbing, e.g.

  • Base64Url encoding
  • Epoch Date Time conversion
  • Random number and key generation
  • Time-constant string comparison
  • Useful constants when dealing with algorithms, date time formats, JWT, SWT, WS-Security & WS-Trust


Helper classes that deal with claims handling, e.g.

  • Anoynmous claims principal
  • Authentication instant claim
  • Claims-based authorization

Extension methods

Useful extensions and conversions for dealing with XML, certificates and tokens

  • XML (to and from XmlReader, XmlDocument, XDocument)
  • WS-Trust RSTs/RSTRs
  • Security token conversion


Security tokens, security token handlers and integration into various frameworks
  • SWT and JWT support
  • HTTP-friendly security token handlers
  • Extensible authentication framework for Web API that supports SAML 1.1/2.0, JWT, SWT, Access Keys, Basic Authentication


IIS, MVC, ASP.NET / Web API Helpers
  • Protected cookies
  • CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) support for IIS, MVC and Web API


WCF helpers
  • Helper classes for WCF
  • WS-Trust bindings